A brief interlude

What follows is a note to myself, written on the first page of a notebook I often carry around. It's a reminder that nothing comes out of thin air. Anyhow, this is all to say there is writing going on somewhere, it's just not here. 

The purpose of this book is not to be anything but ruminations. It’s a first draft. A chance to think out loud, at least on paper. Nothing here is meant to be taken seriously, no more than a conversation at a pub is meant to be taken seriously.

It is a place to stretch out and try things. Ideas, phrases, ways of looking at the world.

In doing all this it is not unlikely that some of this will seem rather embarrassing. Some of it will no doubt be down right stupid.

That’s the point. Push through the embarrassment, and the doubt, and keep going.

The only failure in these pages is to stop short.