Angle on Canada: Mr. Haircut goes to Washington

Well, we did it everyone. The people of the United States might actually know we exist. At least, the members of their media would seem to. This, all thanks to our prime minister giving a loving embrace of our southern neighbours. 

Not only did His Unassailableness, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, make a splash with a chummy tête-à-tête with the U.S. President last week, but he’s also managed to get the stamp of approval from billionaire technocrat Michael Bloomberg during a trip to New York this week. Hell, some people even want him to run for president. Canada is back, motherfuckers. No longer are we the forgotten hinterland. (Excluding of course Toronto, which is world class.)

God, it feels great, doesn’t it? I mean, to think we wallowed along for so long as just, well, nothing. No one knew we existed until Trudeau admonished Americans on network television for not paying enough attention to us. Why can’t these bastard Yanks learn a bit about our country? We know everything about theirs, after all. It’s only fair. No matter, the 60 Minutes interview got the Canadian news-about-news treatment and the news-about-social-media-reaction treatment and the nearly-maybe-funny-and-yet… 22 Minutes treatment

That was all before the prime minister even set foot in Washington. 

From there the coverage of our dearest leader went from plentiful to orgastic. We could revisit the whole bit here, but I’m sure you remember it. If you did manage to avoid it, I’m curious what sort of lead-lined box you’ve been living in. How are the amenities? Can you get a decent shower, maybe catch the odd episode of Jeopardy in there?

Anyhow, this brings us back to our old friend the Canadian Angle. And, as the saying goes, there’s no better time to flog a horse than when it’s dead. 

So, with that, some of your submissions.

• Remember the Super Bowl from a couple years ago? You know, the one with all the roman numerals? Yeah, that’s the one. Well, did you know Canada played a central role? Literally! During the half-time show with Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers thousands of people in the crowd and on the field a bunch of wore hats, little-bitty hats, with lights on them. Lights! Well, those lights were Canadian. Made by a company from Montreal! I mean, would you believe it? Canadian stuff at the Super Bowl? Hooooleeee!

• Meanwhile, seems that some Canadians are super influential on this internet thing, according to Time Magazine. Naturally, since an article in an American publication mentioned some Canadians, that was enough to merit being more news. This is just another news-about-news, my favourite subgenre of the Canadian Angle. Moving on. (C/o resident jerk @scott_rennie)

• This just in from the Canadian Press: Canadian actor of Canadian films and Canadian television programs says Donald Trump, who has buildings named after him in Canadian cities, will not be the president of the country bordering Canada. (C/o @iD4RO)

• Did you see the Oscar-winning journalism film Spotlight? If you’re from Toronto you might have got really excited when you recognized some places from the movie. (If you’re a Hamiltonian of somewhat ill repute you may be rather familiar with one of the scenes in particular.) (C/o @themiw)

Editor’s note: Angle on Canada is a semi-irregular feature of news stories made more about Canada than they should be. Particularly strained news examples can be sent via email or twitter.