If you’re one to believe the Jesus-types, God put us on this Earth to be tested. And friends, today might be His great test.

You see, a columnist in another country wrote some things about our prime minister that were, shall we say, less than kind. This is worthy of mention of because this is Canada and we are a small and silly people. Thankfully, the venerable Globe and Mail—the Canadian New York Times—is on it.

Prominent Brazilian magazine publishes scathing critique of Justin Trudeau,” the headline reads. If that doesn’t get your blood up enough—how dare they!—it gets worse. The Brazilian column is written by Vilma Gryzinski, the foreign columnist for the apparently right-wing Veja, and she should maybe have other priorities.

“[Gryzinski] has found time to look beyond Brazil’s borders and pen a takedown of Mr. Trudeau even though Brazil is in the throes of a massive political crisis,” the Globe report says. Yes, where might a foreign affairs columnist find the time to write about things in another country?

Anyhow, in her column, Gryzinski says Trudeau will “support any insanity, including terrorism, when committed in the name of the Muslim religion. He frequently visits mosques, dressing in typical outfits from countries such as Pakistan, and praying in the Islamic fashion,” according to the Globe report.

Now, conflating attending mosques to supporting terrorism is undeniably shitty. Not to mention wrong. (Incidentally, my fiancée literally sent Trudeau to some mosques.) But it’s not like it’s a novel line of rhetoric for someone on the right to make.

But let’s back up for a second here. Who gives a fuck what a columnist in another country may or may not think about our prime minister? It would certainly not be news if a columnist in this country said something negative about Trudeau. Columnists all over the place have opinions about all sorts of things, all the time. What does it matter that a right-wing journalist in another country is seemingly anti-muslim and anti-Trudeau?

It is not news.

And, you know, I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to bother with this one. But our good friends at the CBC decided today was the day to do their own story on this, forcing me to hemorrhage my amygdala right out my ear. Not to be left out, the National Post had to jump in on this a little later, because golly, there sure is a lot of buzz on this one today. 

That’s just what we need, a bandwagon of reporting and aggregation on a foreign column. And in typical Canadian-media fashion, as first pointed out by Scott Gilmore, they didn’t even bother to mention where this was first reported. As Gilmore says, are we really to believe these folks just happened to read Veja today, some time after the Globe reported on it. Mhmmm, sure.

Then, to top things all of, there’s the implication these stories are some left-wing media cover from conservative attacks on our Dear Leader. I’m not sure how it happened, but here we all are, heads seven bends into the small intestine, subsisting only on farts.

Imagine for a second living a country where it was deemed newsworthy for multiple Serious National News Organizations to write about a column from some other place that’s negative toward the prime minster. Then imagine some asshole with a blog venting his spleen over the whole thing.

Sounds a lot like that “Hell” place I’ve heard so much about.

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